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Infertility And Me is a discussion-interview style podcast that emphasizes healing through community. Getting real about the emotional, mental, and spiritual effects infertility has on it's victims. Hosted and created by Infertility Survivor and former NICU mom Monique Farook.


Monique's goal for the show is to have a huge impact on the lives of silent-sufferers all over the globe. To be a face and voice for people of color, bridge the gap between fertile and infertile people, thereby making conversations about Infertility less taboo. Sharing stories, gaining knowledge from experts, and wisdom to help along the way. 


Once an ordained Minister and having ten years of entrepreneurial experience, Monique possesses the empathy, compassion, and listening ear to connect with guests and fertility friends in their most vulnerable stage of life.

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The Infertility And Me Podcast is wonderful! I look forward to listening to it whenever it comes out. Monique has a very soothing voice and creates such a safe place for her guests and listeners. I love all the different topics covered. And I love following her on Instagram and other platforms because she has great content there as well.
9/19/2020-Apple Review


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